Highlight Incorrect Words


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For this item type you are presented with a transcript of the audio recording, however the transcript contains some errors. While listening and reading, you need to select the words in the text that differ from what the speaker says.

The audio begins to plays automatically. You are only able to listen to the audio recording once.

To select a word click on it using the left button on your mouse. If you change your mind, left-click on the word again to deselect it.

The words you select are highlighted in yellow.

PTE Academic Listening Test 1-Highlight Incorrect Words – Practice Sample

Recording 1 – Highlight Incorrect Words

Ontario’s Waste Diversion Act requires all companies that introduce packing and printed material into Ontario’s consumer marketplace, to share in paying 50% of the funding of Ontario’s municipal Blue Box waste diversion programs. In 2000, the Canadian Newspaper Association negotiated an agreement directly with the Ontario provincial government. Dailies and weeklies would be attempt from subsidizing the Blue Box program in cash. In lieu, they would provide in-cash advertising to promote waste diversion in Ontario.

Recording 2 – Highlight Incorrect Words

Girls are more likely to use the settle methods of child bullying like verbal accuse although I have witnessed rage and some physical force from young people. Girls are also more likely to be adopt at physical bullying by signaling out or at targeting a person or finding some other way to harass them or belittle others by starting rumors or gossiping. Many parents are concerned that their child may be a victim of a child Bullying. Signs of physical altercations, such as bruises, scrapes and other marks are some signs to look out for.

Recording 3 – Highlight Incorrect Words

Travel is as expensive as you want to make it. With a good tent, sleeping bag and eagerness to engaged all types of people, your travel costs can be minimal. Eagerness to engage people? How did that suddenly work its way in? Asking for places to put your tent up gives you projection, decreases your costs and gives you the chance to earn about where you are. Travelling on a large budget can actually be advantageous and offering experiences which can’t be bought.

Recording 4 – Highlight Incorrect Words

Being able to travel on the cheap also depends on your ability to think literally. You could decide that you want to spend a year visiting five neighboring countries in the developing world. That you’ll wild camp or stay in the cheap of local hotels. That you’ll bargain for food in the markets or cook basic meals for yourself. You may also abide to ban beer, bearing in mind that in many countries a beer costs the same as food for three meals. If your bike is in bad condition, doesn’t consume a lot of gas and you are happy traveling jointly, then you could have a very low priced adventure on two wheels.



PTE Academic Listening Test 2-Highlight Incorrect Words – Practice Sample

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