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Date 08/03/2017

Center: Target Consultancy Chandigarh


Describe images in pte

Best Answer: The given bar graph represents the average rainfall in inches for four cities in United states. If you follow the graph closely, you can observe that the majority rainfall occurs in Newyork, which closely touches to 50 inches , followed by Dallas, Honolulu and Phoenix with approximately 33, 22 and 7 inches . After analyzing the details given in this graph, we can conclude that, Newyork acquires majority rainfall and Phoenix held a last position

Center: Sophia institute Patiala

Date 08/03/2017

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  1. Recently i have given PTE exam and i remember two graphs which i’ve got.
    One graph has too many titles like sunrise, sunset and daylight saving and it looked like a sin wave.

    The other graph is a world map and about precipitation.

    If anyone else have came across such graphs, please do share sample writeup

    1. Hi, Even I got the same graphs like Sunrise and Sunset like a sin wave and World map about precipitation.. Any sample answers please

      1. Hello sandy can you pls tell us where is your exam held

  2. Please provide maps with answers for speaking module ( Graphs)

      1. Hello Jay
        can you pls provide your material its very helpful

      2. please can you send me some material if you have ,i am struggling for 6 in each and i am in very hard situation

  3. please provide some reading and writing blanks material

  4. I have got 65 each in PTE , please help me to achieve 79+

  5. plz provide me latest essay list and repeat sentence, and graphs

  6. Your best answer is not correct! The rainfall is shown in inches not percentage!!!

  7. Hi, If someone have template for describe all image (bar chart, pie chart, line graph etc) and re-tell lectures, then please share it.

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