Re-tell Lecture Tips

Before starting your test, write on your erasable notepad these three lines

1. The speaker highlights
2. The professor throws light on
3. The lecturer focuses on

then when re-tell lecture starts, recording will play for around 2 minutes, listen patiently and see the image/graph/table/pie chart (if any), during this time try to note as many keywords spoken in the recording as possible, u will have around 10-12 seconds to prepare yourself with what to speak.

When time starts for recording answer, start with any 1 of 3 lines u have written on your erasable notepad, mention the keywords u have noted down and try to fill in text by yourself to present a story. keep necessary pauses between sentences, but not more then 3 seconds.

Use the three different lines for the different lectures, generally ppl dont get more then 3 re-tell lectures, follow this strategy you shall be clear

6 thoughts on “Re-tell Lecture Tips”

  1. hello,

    I want some material for practise m really tired by doing again and again on you tube.


  2. Hello I am going to take my PTE exam on 24th Nov need help for scoring high

  3. it doesnt shwo any link to play.i mean cant hear any audio.cai i get help plz..

  4. Hello i m little confused please provide me some material

  5. Today in 5 hours I will be writing my pte……….. I am sure this will help……good luck to me

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