Listening Fill In The Blanks Answers

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Answer Exercise 1

1) connections, molecules, energy, matter

2) Aedes, neurological, transmission, outbreak

3) cognitive dietary, intervention, nutrition

4) intervention , biological , nutritional, dysfunction

5) dialogical, apparent, literature, manuscripts

6) coalition, currently, hampered, distinctly, boosting

Answer Exercise 2

1) primitive, offspring, secretion, prolactin

2) realm, mentorship, practitioners, quantitative

3) pooling, economic, engrained, attitudes

Answer Exercise 3

1) steroid, physiological, alleviate, cardiovascular

2) resilient, intersectoral, tackling, curative

3) radioactive, entrapped, sump, respondents

4) regime, profound, restitution

5) expulsion, endured

6) preordained, democratize, citizenry, compatible

Answer Exercise 4

1. recognition, legislation, relinquished
2. unique, enables, whilst, specialist
3. pelt, troops, suspended, liberties, erect
4. northern,composition,geology, expression, dominants, salinity

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