PTE Academic Writing: Summarize Written Text – Practice Sample 3

PTE Academic Writing Summarize Written Text

Summarize Written Text – Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence (between 5 and 75 words). You will get 10 minutes to finish the task and the candidate’s performance will be judged on the quality of his writing skills

Answers are given at the end, please don’t sneak the answers before you complete the test for your own benefits.


  1. Read the given text and summarize it in your words.

Television has been changing the way people live for thirty years. It influences nearly every aspect of modern life. Whereas television could be used as an educational tool for children, programs with little or no educational value are shown more often.

Experts are concerned about the view of the world that youngsters are learning from television. Parents, schools, and churches have traditionally been the social models and teachers for children. However, because television influences children’s attitudes and behavior, its role in society is becoming increasingly more powerful – it is much more than a simple recreational activity. The medium “has changed childhood more than any other social innovation in the history of the world,” declares child psychologist Robert M. Liebert.

Exposure to excessive violence is another influence of television. According to several studies, televised violence may cause children to become more aggressive. Also, because so much violence is seen by children on television, they become more used to it as the only solution to difficult situations. Children who watch a great deal of violence on television may become apathetic toward actual aggression. One study has shown that, compared to a control group, fifth-graders who watched an aggressive television broadcast were slower to ask for adult help when a fight broke out among younger children. This decreased sensitivity to human suffering is frightening, says psychologist Ronald S. Drabman.

Instructors at Horace Mann nursery school in New York noticed definite improvements in pupils’ attitudes and behavior, including a decrease in their fighting, after the instructors asked parents to limit the youngsters’ viewing to one hour daily. Educational experts also believe that parents could help by discussing both the good and bad aspects of television with their children and by helping them to select beneficial programs.