PTE Exam Listening Prediction 2023

Write from Dictation

  1. The celebrated theory is still the source of great
  2. Economic development needs to be supported by the
  3. Although sustainable development is not easy, it is an unavoidable
  4. Americans typically defined the process of plant growth in quantitative
  5. An introduction is an essential element of
  6. Certain scientific principles must be learned verbally or by logical
  7. Consumer confidence has a direct influence on
  8. Convincing evidence to support this theory is hard to
  9. Despite their differences, all forms of life share certain
  10. Many experts think that the world climate is constantly
  11. Human beings compete with other living things for resources and
  12. Good research delivers practical benefits for real
  13. If finance is a cause of concern, scholarships may be
  14. It is really a comprehensive program covering both theory and
  15. It is not possible to solve the problem
  16. We are researching the most significant challenges that are faced in our society
  17. Medical researchers have focused on different causes of diseases and
  18. Native speakers are exempt from the language tests in their own
  19. Nurses specialize in clinical work and
  20. Organizational failure is considered from various perspectives in academic
  21. The university theater group will be performing in the concert
  22. Please note that the submission deadlines are only negotiable in exceptional
  23. All of your assignments are due on
  24. Radio is a popular form of entertainment throughout the
  25. Remember to sign the attendance register before leaving the lecture
  26. Scientists are always asking the government for more
  27. Students are instructed to hand in their assignments by the end of this
  28. Students have the options to live in college residences or
  29. The business policy seminar includes an internship with a local firm.
  30. The cafeteria features soup, salads, sandwiches, chicken and fish.
  1. The chemistry building is located near the entrance to the
  2. The city’s founders created a set of rules that became
  3. The course helps students to improve their pronunciation
  4. The earth atmosphere is primarily composed of oxygen and nitrogen
  5. The essay will be published once the research is finished.
  6. The first assignment is due on the fourteenth of
  7. The garden behind the university is open to the public in
  8. The history of the university is a long and interesting
  9. The nation achieved prosperity by opening its ports for
  10. The railway makes long-distance travel possible for
  11. The technician dropped the new microscope in the biology
  12. The theme of the instrumental work exhibits more of a demure compositional
  13. The ways in which people communicate are constantly
  14. There is clearly a need for further research in this field.
  15. This morning’s lecture on economic policy has been
  16. Our laboratory equipment is provided free of
  17. Traffic is the main cause of air pollution in many
  18. This project is divided into four main
  19. Understanding how to use the library will save your
  20. Water taps on campus will discourage frequent use of plastic
  21. We can’t consider any increase in our price at this
  22. We have not yet achieved equality in our
  23. We were able to contact a number of research
  24. When parents talk to children, the tense tends to be simplified.
  25. Years of training are required to become a medical
  26. You will acquire many skills during the academic
  27. Speak to your tutor if you require further
  28. Manufacture can employ more people than agriculture and fishing
  29. Farming methods across the world have greatly developed
  30. Global connections thrived in academic communities, thanks to social
  1. There have been too many struggles in the mathematics department
  2. They developed a unique approach to training their
  3. Those who are considering a career in marketing should attend the
  4. Every student has the right and ability to
  5. A good academic paper should present a clear
  6. A good research assistant is not afraid to ask
  7. Before submitting your dissertation, your advisor must approve your
  8. Enrolling in a double major may increase your career
  9. Geography is generally divided into two main branches, human and
  10. He was constantly looking for ways to bring industry and agriculture closer
  11. Making mistakes is fine as long as you learn from
  12. Students who attempted to go to the conference must register
  13. We have a lecture in the morning on
  14. The department has higher than normal proportion of postgraduate
  15. All new medical students must attend the talk about optional
  16. Digital gadgets are an excellent addition to any outdoor
  17. The professor took one year off to work on her
  18. You should submit your term papers to the general office.
  19. The department is organizing a flight to London in
  20. Protective clothing must always be worn all the time in the
  21. We no longer respond to any reference material
  22. Social media is criticized for causing internet
  23. Consumer confidence tends to increase as the economy
  24. Every student has regular meetings with his or her personal
  25. His appointment to the Minister of Culture is seen as a
  26. It takes a long time to walk to
  27. You do not need special knowledge to enjoy this
  28. Sea levels are expected to rise during the next
  29. Information technology has changed the way people study
  30. Philosophy uses logic and reasons to analyze human
  1. Undergraduate students can select what interests them the most in the science
  2. The digital camera has some advantages over traditional film.
  3. The university provides great leisure facilities for students and
  4. A good abstract highlights the key zpoints of your paper.
  5. These three separate research resources are not enough for this
  6. New media journalism is an exciting field of
  7. The deadline for this assignment is
  8. It is an integrated course with several main
  9. Members should make mandatory contributions to associated operating
  10. The key witnesses to the event have conflicting
  11. You will write poetry and plays as well as scientific
  12. The economic predictions turned out to be
  13. Cells are the basic building blocks of all animals and
  14. Please click on the logo above to enter the
  15. The momentum is defined as the combination of mass and
  16. More research is needed before any definitive conclusion can be
  17. It is important to make clear notes when you are
  18. The untapped potential of using sun rays is
  19. Students are encouraged to think carefully about their accommodation
  20. You will study two core and three optional
  21. A lack of sleep can increase the chance of getting some
  22. We aim to develop a partnership with the government and financial
  23. Lecture outlines are available on the college board and the internal
  24. Technology has changed the media we both used and
  25. The college operates a system of continuous
  26. The sports teams often practice on Wednesdays and play games on
  27. The history course is assessed via three written
  28. Job opportunities are created for a better economy of the
  29. It is compulsory to attend the laboratory
  30. Any gain on sales of property must be allocated
  1. We have a great deal of debate on that
  2. The coming scientific research requires time and
  3. You may not arrange your time when reading the
  4. Many students are now studying science, technology, engineering and
  5. You don’t need to be encouraged to be a
  6. Visual aid is really helpful for
  7. The marketing budget has been doubled since the beginning of the
  8. We encourage students to complete applications before the
  9. I will come back to this in a
  10. I will be back in several
  11. More and more courses have become available
  12. Even the most motivated students may need help for
  13. The curriculum should be adjusted to
  14. Lectures are the oldest and the most formal teaching method at
  15. Research shows that exercising makes us feel
  16. They cannot put in everything: choices have to be
  17. The residence hall is closed prior to the academic building closing time at the end of the
  18. The student shop has a range of
  19. Consumers are better informed today because of the
  20. A few journalism students write for the school
  21. Let me give you an example to explain what I
  22. More choices are available other than studying full time at
  23. During the examination, electronic devices must be left to the
  24. Today we have a guest speaker who is visiting from
  25. Before you choose your university course, you should consider your future
  26. It took almost three years to build a football
  27. The rationale of my research is to present the value of the urban
  28. Graduates from this course generally find careers in financial
  29. You may not be allowed to read any book without the reading
  30. Digital scanners can scan all kinds of materials provided that they are in smallIt is a debate about the value of
  1. You may not manage your time well without a reading
  2. Your term papers should include current social issues