Repeated PTE Questions 2017


  1. Assessment of student performance using formal methods like written examination. Give your point.
  2. Company should concentrate on sales or reputations as long term strategies in market.
  3. Mass media influence in human life.
  4. Heavy reliance on technology.


Written Summary

  1. Dowry system
  2. Mughals life
  3. Voting reduction in UK and government. Media should encourage for voting to people.
  4. Education system in London
  5. Female songbirds
  6. Parent control Tv viewing
  7. FIB
  8. Hans Christian Andersen

Summarize Spoken Text

  1. Sound receptor
  2. Globalization
  3. Environment Law
  4. Education leadership dean of stamform
  5. Vitamin D

Re-Tell Lecture

  1. Image on population
  2. Internal and external behavior difference
  3. Journals publish
  4. Dot –com bubble.
  5. Men drinking coffee.
  6. Welsh speaker
  7. Wilson