Tips from Experts to Crack the PTE-A Exam on First Attempt

Greetings Students!! The Pearson Test of English is a computer-based test. The PTE exam is designed for students to want to study abroad and migrate overseas. It assesses the language abilities of the speaker. The PTE exam requires students to do the hardcore practice. The initial step to start the preparation for PTE is to learn English. There are plenty of resources and techniques that assist you to clear the PTE exam. However, some students outperform in the exam due to the quantitative approach. There are several esteemed coaching institutes out there that let you pass exams successfully. You must understand that PTE preparation demands a qualitative method. You need to ask yourself a few questions:


What is your exam date?

What is your target score?

What is your current level?


In this article, we will share a few tips from experts to crack the PTE exam on the first attempt.

Know all about PTE exam preparation

The PTE exam is a complete computer-based test. It typically takes 2 hours to complete the test with 2 minutes of introduction which is optional. Overall, the exam is divided into three categories:

  1. Speaking and Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Listening

Determine your strength and weakness

At the time you are preparing for the test, you must pay more attention to your strength and weakness to create an effective preparation plan. First of all, you need to improve your vocabulary. There are many questions in the PTE exam that checks your vocabulary. Here, you are required to give one-word or two-word answers. Secondly, you need to practise speaking English. There are many students who are reluctant to speak in front of the computer. The key mantra is to stand in front of a mirror and talk.

Learn the strategies

First of all, learn to take notes. This will help you in solving a few questions on the exam as well. You need to train your mind to listen to the speaker and make notes simultaneously. Secondly, set a specific study schedule. We all know practice makes a man perfect. You need to practice high-scoring questions on a daily basis.

Stay driven and motivated

It is seen that a few students become lethargic while practising questions again and again. Along with motivation, focus and concentration are also needed. You need to stay focused. It is recommended don’t overthink a question. In case, you encounter a question, you don’t understand, you should not try to solve that particular question as soon as possible without wasting much time.

In conclusion, let’s admit it, it is not easy to answer 70-80 questions in 2 hours. So, hardcore practice and acquiring time management skills are recommended. You need to acquire speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. You can practice with a microphone to be more confident. While practising, don’t forget the noisy exam center ambience. Practice in such an environment only.