Write from Dictation Answers

Dictation 1 There could be a big change in Zimbabwe.housands of people are in the streets
Dictation 2 The army removed President Mugabe from power on Wednesday
Dictation 3 This meant his wife, Grace Mugabe, could have been in line to take over as president.
Dictation 4 The army did not like this and took control of the capital city.
Dictation 5 Even veterans of Zimbabwe’s war for independence are saying Mr Mugabe should quit.
Dictation 6 Robert Mugabe is 93 years old and is the oldest leader of any country in the world
Dictation 7 He became the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in 1980 and then became President in 1987.
Dictation 8 Zimbabwe used to be called Rhodesia and was a British colony
Dictation 9 Mugabe was a key part of the 1965-1980 civil war against British rule
Dictation 10 Many people are now happy his time as leader is coming to an end.