How to Ace Each Section and Ensure a 79+ Score in PTE Academic Exam

Scoring more than 79 on your PTE Academic Exam is achievable, as long as you are dedicated to the test. An exam is a great deal more than just a few hours or your time, as it determines your abilities in the long run. To help you out we have come up with a smart solution that allows you to score more than 79 on your PTE by focusing on your reading, speaking, writing, and listening abilities.


Tips to Improve Your Reading Skills:

  1. When it comes to reading, the best idea is to read to yourself. Sit across from a mirror, and read to yourself. Focus on each word as its pronunciation, making sure you ace reading and speaking at the same time.
    2. Take on 30 reading blanks every day, this will allow you to perfect your reading abilities.
    3. Note down new and difficult words, so you can learn their meanings later.
    4. Try to remember the meaning, or guess them to build confidence.
    5. Understanding collocations is key, so try to take out time to focus on their importance and workings.


Tips to Improve Your Speaking Skills:

  1. When you are listening make sure you focus on the pitch of the voice. Notice how they are speaking casually, and not too loud or too low.
    2. Achieving the perfect balance of voice notes will allow you to speak politely, and will be easy to understand.
    3. There is no reason why you should focus on achieving a specific accent, so avoid adding more to your plate.
    4. There are online programs called “speech to text”, working with them allows you to achieve the perfect speaking voice.


Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills:
1. The only way to ace the writing section is by focusing on grammar.
2. Grammar is the base you must build before taking on anything else.
3. Understanding grammar can be tricky at times, but as long as you practice you will be fine.
4. When writing keep in mind that each sentence should be looped into the one before, and prepare the reader for the one after.
5. This way you will be able to write a compelling story, without going off base.
6. Check your mistakes each time, and focus on cutting down on your mistakes as you learn.



Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills:
1. The best way to improve your listening and understanding ability is by taking on podcasts and audios that interest you.
2. It’s best to avoid videos, so you can focus on the words being said and their pronunciation.
3. A great strategy is to listen to podcasts from different countries, making sure you understand various pronunciations.
4. A great way to add to your experience is by listening to free audiobooks when you are on the go. Adding as much as possible to your day to day life.

By focusing on these four aspects alone, you will be able to achieve more than 79 in your PTE. However, we urge you to keep on practicing the entire test, to make sure you achieve a score you are proud to share with others. Keep in mind that you cannot learn a language in a few months, and it takes time to master every aspect. The traits you need to hold on are determination, dedication, and discipline. These will help you keep your eye on the prize, and work your way towards the perfect score.

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