Latest Exam Questions Location India July 2020

PTE Exam Memories

03 July 2020 Ludhiana India

DI: pie chart, 2 bar graphs, Texco music download, parts of a tree, table baby sleep hours, line graph.
RS : The months of the year are always capitalize in English.
Our institution offer postgraduate and graduate courses.
RTL: welsh language, happiness index bhutan, one more.
ASQ: twins, went, kitchen, sucessor, baker and more others.
SWT : Hispaniola columbus, pre service teachers.
Essay : law impact behavior
RO : language learning something driving or road signs.
Motivate employees to reduce turnover.
One more.
R/w blanks: coral reefs, old songs album by university student.
American supreme court
American cat
Jury members.
SST: education leadership, The U.K past policies to tackle pollution.
Listening blanks:
Urgency, hydrogen, opportunities, market.
WFD: A detailed literature review is needed….
The qualification will be assessed with a reference criterion approach.
2 more…..

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