Useful Strategies to Grab 79+ in PTE Write from Dictation

You may be familiar with the word ‘dictation.’ It is a common professional skill. The secretaries write down things in dictation form stated by their managers. Therefore, dictation is a high-scoring listening skill. Here, you have to hear every word precisely and write it back. Well, the PTE write from dictation is similar to office dictation. In this article, we will share insight on how to score 79+ in the PTE write from dictation.

Improve the way you take notes

You can find numerous ways how to take notes over online videos. But, think before adopting any strategy to determine whether it will help you attain your desired scores. To help you, we have developed a simple method for notes taking. We suggest you write the initials of the words spoken by the speaker in your notebook. It will help you remember all the words and type them back on the computer.

Review for spelling mistakes

You will lose marks for every wrong spelling. Therefore, review the text to pick any spelling mistakes. Remember PTE write from dictation is highly scoring. You can’t lose marks because of silly mistakes. In our experience, this step is very crucial as at times English language experts even end up writing wrong spellings.

Review for grammatical mistakes

This is related to reviewing spelling mistakes. Spare a few seconds before pressing the next button to ensure there are no grammatical mistakes. Even if you feel you have written correctly, there is no harm in checking spelling and grammar once again. There are times you are not able to listen to the whole sentence. A grammar check will help you identify the mistakes and add the correct words.

Add extra words to the text

Adding extra words to the text is a time-tested strategy. This strategy has helped plenty of PTE aspirants to achieve their desired scores in the listening and writing section of the PTE exam. For example, if you have heard buses but you are not sure whether the speaker spoke bus or buses to be on the safer side you can write both words. In PTE write from dictation, you’ll be surprised to know that there is no deduction for writing the extra words. You can add as many words as you want in the text.

Type whatever you remember

The best part of the PTE write from dictation is that there is no deduction for grammatical mistakes. You can change the sequence of the words or even write half of the sentence. This will help you to grab a partial score at least.

Improve your typing skill

We all know that PTE write from dictation is the last task of the PTE exam. Many students are left with just a few minutes to complete this task. A good typing speed will help you save time and complete the whole PTE exam.

To conclude, PTE write from dictation is an easy task that demands regular practice. If you are targeting 79+, then you must practice at least 50 questions a day. This will not only help you to understand the accent of the speaker but also increase your typing speed.


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