How to Crack Describe Image to Get 79+ Score in PTE Exam

Are you looking for a superb strategy to crack describe image? We understand that describing an image seems like a terror to even profound speakers. And, it’s not surprising!

Here the QUESTION is… Is there any strategy that will help? Don’t worry! The answer is ‘yes’. In this blog, we will provide you with tricks to prepare for this task on exam day.

Let’s check describe image basics:

Number of questions – 3 to 4

Negative marketing – No

Time to answer per question – Around 30-40 seconds

Preparation time: 25 Seconds

Tips & Tricks to Crack Describe Image Task

Avoid urring and umming

The most important thing is to avoid fillers like “umm” etc. You need to keep in mind at any point you can’t break fluency. So, what is the right thing to do? You can keep yourself ready with a template for different kinds of images. This will help you maintain fluency all the time.

Avoid grammatical mistakes

To answer well in PTE describe the image, one should avoid grammatical mistakes. The template will save your time and help you maintain grammar even when you’re out of words. It will help you give the right answer and let you fetch high scores.

Speak at the right time

You will see an image on the screen and get 25 seconds as preparation time. You need to focus and start speaking once these 25 seconds get over. Get prepared before you start recording your answer. You will get 40 seconds to record your answer.

Maintain a good pitch

While practicing try to record your response and check if you’re loud enough. There is no need to shout, however, your voice should be loud enough for AI software to process.

Don’t Correct or Repeat Yourself

If you fumble on any word, don’t correct yourself in the middle of the task. The correction will affect your fluency. Continue speaking until your response is completed without any breaks. Remember fumbling and breaks are counted as mistakes while analysing your response.

Follow a specific format

It is recommended to follow a specific format for recording your answer. Here is the ideal format:

Introduction: 10 seconds

Highlights Key points: 20 seconds

Conclusion: 6 seconds

Try to complete your response in 36 seconds. Remember to follow a template for all types of images and practice again and again. It is essential to check your performance before real exam. Practicing in real time examination pattern will help you to learn time management. We suggest you to depend on mock tests blindly.

Do not forget to conclude

The most common mistake students commit is to ending their response abruptly. It will leave a negative impact when your response is analysed. You need to give a clear, precise and strong conclusion to conclude your image. Do not try to explain every bit of image. Just analyse thoroughly and explain main point with a proper beginning and ending.

To conclude, you need to practice a lot for the describe image. It is the only trick to perform well in the exam.

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