Reorder Paragraph Questions for Practice

Instructions: Enter numbers from 1-6 to identify the sequence before verifying with the answer.

Question 1

In the first place, the reefs provide food and other products for consumption by the islanders themselves.

These islands are surrounded by lagoons and coral reefs which are in turn surrounded by the open ocean.

Foods include different types of fish, octopus and molluscs, and in the case of poorer families these constitute as much as 90% of the protein they consume.

Coral reefs, which are formed from the skeletons of minute sea creatures, give shelter to a variety of plants and animals, and therefore have the potential to provide a stream of diverse benefits to the inhabitants of Agatti Island .

Agatti is one of the Lakshadweep Islands off the southwest coast of India.

Reef resources are also used for medicinal purposes. For example, the money cowrie, a shell known locally as Vallakavadi, is commonly made into a paste and used as a home remedy to treat cysts in the eye

Question 2

A major extension planned around Marina Bay draws on examples of other ‘world cities’, especially those with waterside central areas such as Sydney and San Francisco.

These include transport and telecommunication infrastructure, land, and environmental quality

The plan makes provision for four major regional centres, each serving 800,000 people, but this does not mean that the existing central business district will not also grow

Singapore’s current economic strategy is closely linked to land use and development planning

The project involves major land reclamation of 667 hectares in total. Part of this has already been developed as a conference and exhibition zone, and the rest will be used for other facilities. However the need for vitality has been recognised and a mixed zoning approach has been adopted, to include housing and entertainment

Although it is already a major city, the current development plan seeks to ensure Singapore’s continued economic growth through restructuring, to ensure that the facilities needed by future business are planned now

A major concern is to avoid congestion in the central area, and so the latest plan deviates from previous plans by having a strong decentralisation policy

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