6 Useful Strategies to Grab 79+ in PTE Describe Image in 2023

Describe is an essential part of the PTE Writing and Speaking test. It tests your ability to speak. Therefore, it is important to score well on this exam.

However, it is always better to get some tips and the best strategies to excel on this PTE describe image test.

The best strategy to score well on this test is understand it well. If you know what exactly the exam is and what are requirements to pass it then it gets easier to practice.

What is PTE Describe image ?

Describe image is a speaking test in PTE exam. In this part the aspirant will be given an image and the aspirant will have to describe that image in a specific time frame.

Aspirant is given marks depending on three parameters –


It means you should only be talking about the given images and nothing else.


It examines your English pronunciation rather than grammar.

Oral fluency

The exam is about testing your fluency in the language.

Here are key strategies that you must follow to score 79+ in PTE describe image

Understand the image

Image given in this test is usually chart, diagram, graph or a random image. You will get 25 seconds to analyse the image which is enough to understand the context.

First get an overall context of the image in first 5 seconds , then notice highlights of the image in 10 seconds and then understand details in last 10 second.


PTE Describe image test is about 1 minute long including understanding the image and describing it.

So in that 1 minute your focus should only be that image not anything else around you.

Just feel relax, understand the image and then describe it like you are talking to yourself.

Focus should be your fluency and correct pronunciation. So even if you mess up at grammar or said wrong thing about the image, don’t correct it and just continue.

Intonate your voice

Try to describe that image in your own ways. While you practice for this test and English test you might have discovered your own method to speak in English , like how you talk.

So try to describe that image in your own words instead of trying to go with structured patterns.

Include relatable Keywords

Describe image test has various types of images like Line chart, Pie chart and random images. So only talk in image’s context.

Include keywords that pertaining to the image.

And if there are two images then compare both of them.

Follow a pattern

The test has around 40 seconds to speak about the image. So you need to practice in way that every part of the image gets some time.

While you practice allocate time to each part and create a pattern. For instance – give enough time to –

Introduction where you give prime context of the image.

Then Highlight, where you describe that image well.

And then Conclusion , where you end your description. Conclusion is the most important aspect, so do not miss it out.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The only strategy to win this test is practice well. You don’t know what exact image you will be getting so be prepare.

Use templates, give mock tests, record and give marks to yourself in a strict manner, practice with most common and hardest types of images came in PTE Describe image exams.

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