How to Improve English Speaking Skills to Get a 79+ Score in the PTE Exam

The topic we are about to discuss today is related to the questions students have asked hundreds of times. They want to know tips and tricks to improve PTE Speaking scores. Here, we will discuss proven strategies to fetch a 79+ score in the PTE Speaking section.

Firstly, the most important thing to understand is the present level of your skills and limitations in speaking. It’s not enough to regret that you get low scores on the PTE exam. Try to understand what is the exact problem. It is something we will deeply analyse in this article.

The PTE speaking scores are composed of content, fluency, and pronunciation. Generally, fluency and pronunciation are the weakest areas of the students. When you improve fluency and pronunciation, your PTE scores will gradually improve.


How to Improve your Fluency

The simplest way to improve fluency is to speak longer phrases in one breath. The more you tell without hesitation more will be your fluency scores. The computer software will recognise you as a native speaker and grant you a good score.

Here, the most crucial thing is to speak slowly and slowly. Try to maintain your speed. The best way is to record yourself and listen to your tests repeatedly.

How to Improve your Pronunciation

Pronunciation is a crucial problem faced by plenty of students. The main problem with pronunciation is that we need to stress syllables. To master your pronunciation, record a simple paragraph again and again.

But why? Through this activity, you will identify the sounds you have made wrong most of the time. Make a record of the common mistakes on a notebook or an excel sheet. You will start recognising the sounds you make wrongly. Those are the sounds on which you have to work. Keep 20 minutes a day to do this activity. The more you listen to recordings from native English speakers, the more you’ll improve.

How to Improve your Describe Image

You’ll get 6-7 image questions for describing the image. Aim to speak for about 35 seconds. The total time to describe the image is 40 seconds. In case, you don’t have an idea about the image, you can just read the words from the image and keep speaking. You can use words like I can see to describe the elements of the image. Here is a sample template:

There is a beautiful image in front of me on the screen.

I have got 40 seconds to describe this image.

I can see several trends emerging in the image.

I can see …………., …………….., ……………..

I can see ………….., …………….., …………….

I can see different colours like red, blue and black.

Overall, this is an interesting image.

In conclusion, acquiring PTE speaking skills is not a cup of tea. It will require a lot of practice and dedication. You can start talking to your friends and family members in English. Try not to hesitate and make awkward pauses.

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