Best online practice portals to get perfect 90+score in PTE exam

PTE is a computer based test. Practice is the only mantra to clear PTE exam. There are many online portals from where you can get PTE study material free. In this blog, we will throw light on how to choose free online portals from where you can practice for exam and fetch high scores.

How to choose the Best Online Platform for PTE Study

  1. You must have complete know how about the PTE test.
  2. Purchase Pearson PTE book from Amazon and read about all the modules and its marking. It is most genuine information about the PTE exam.
  3. You must know your strength and weaknesses. This will help you to practice the modules where you’re lacking.
  4. Choose a site which provides PTE study material free. This will help you to save money and use that money to book the exam.
  5. You must choose a site which provides you with AI scoring. This will help you to understand how the scoring is done in the PTE exam.
  6. Make sure that platforms you choose must have mobile applications. This will help you practice even when you’re travelling or in situations when you do not have access to computer or laptop.
  7. Take a scored practice test. This test will give you real time overview of the PTE exam.

Choosing the Best PTE Coaching Institute near me

Are you looking for the best PTE coaching institute near me? Here are few tips that you must not ignore.

  1. Check their previous track record
  2. Check experience and score card of tutors
  3. Take a demo class
  4. Check if they provide PTE study material free
  5. Check if they provide mock tests

There are plenty of videos available online for speaking section. These videos are created from experts. You have to add keywords like read aloud PTE in the search section. You will get hundreds of videos regarding any task. Simply, turn on a video and start practicing. If you’re not satisfied with tips and tricks available in the videos by experts, then you can always hire a mentor. You have to type best PTE coaching near me in the Google. This will help you to take training from best PTE coach in your area.


Now you must have understood how to get PTE study material free. So, what are you waiting for? Make the right choice and start practising. It is not difficult to get 90+ score in PTE exam. Just you have to understand how computer does marking and apply tips and tricks to get high score.


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