How to Manage Time for PTE Exam

Time management is critical for PTE exam. PTE is English proficiency test. All the modules of this test are designed to check your proficiency in the real environment. The exam demands for both accuracy and efficiency. With proper time management, you can achieve high scores in the PTE Exam. In the real exam, you’re expected to complete all the questions on time without compromising accuracy. It is the only way to secure perfect 90 score in the PTE test.

Here are a few tips to manage time and get a good score.

  1. Listening Section

In the PTE Listening, the recording is played for a specific duration. The examiner is expected to listen the recording and answer the question in the allotted time. Make sure you listen to the audio carefully. Remember, the recording will be played for only once. You can’t spend much time thinking what you’ve missed. There are three questions you can answer immediately once the audio ends. These questions are:

  • Listening fill in the blanks
  • Select missing words
  • Highlight incorrect words

Note taking is needed very less in select missing words and highlight incorrect words. Here you can answer at the same time recording is playing. For other questions, the note taking is important. In these questions, you’ve to decide time to be spent on each task.

  1. Speaking Section

In speaking section, every question has a specified time to answer. You have to be prepared because audio will start or end automatically. There is a specific time to answer each question. You’ve to start speaking when timer starts. This is the time when microphone opens for response.

  1. Writing Section

You can plan your time consumption to answer writing section. For summarize written text, you’ve to read the text and then summarize it. Here you can utilize skim and scan method. You need to carefully decide on time to read the text and write the answer. You have only 10 minutes to read and write. For essay, you have a time of 20 minutes to write the essay. Try to write the essay in 16 minutes and keep 4 minutes for proofreading. You’ve to check grammar and spellings while proofreading the essay.

  1. Reading section

In the reading section, you need to answer different questions after reading the text. Some examples include MCQs, fill in the blanks and reorder paragraph. In this task, you’ve to read and comprehend the passage quickly. The best time management tip is to have complete know how of the questions and practice the difficult ones.


The only mantra to clear PTE exam is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE. You can practice mock tests that are almost similar to the real exam. It will provide complete solution to get perfect 90 score in PTE exam.

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