Listen fill in the blanks questions

For this item type you are presented with a transcript of the audio recording, however some words are missing. Restore the transcript by typing in the missing words.

The audio plays automatically. You are only able to listen to the audio recording once.

Left-click on each gap and type in the missing word. You can also use the Tab button on the keyboard to move between gaps.

Note: While the audio is playing, you can take notes on the erasable noteboard provided and then fill in the gaps.

Exercise 1

Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.


We’ve decided to adopt, just as a loose theme for the course, a biological theme so that you can see the ___________ between chemistry and biology and the things that you might consider doing in the future. We want you to think about the __________ that are relevant to your body, the processes that occur in your body, the chemistry that’s going on and how ________ plays a role. And we divided the course into four sections and after each section there will be a mid-term. The first one, or an exam. The first one is about ________.



In February 2016, as infection moved rapidly through the range occupied by ___________ mosquitos in the Americas, WHO declared that Zika infection associated with microcephaly and other ___________ disorders constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. By the start of February 2016, local ____________ of Zika infection had been reported from more than 20 countries and territories in the Americas and an __________ numbering thousands of cases was under way in Cabo Verde in western Africa.


3 )

Health education intervention programs are currently available to improve ____________ understanding of the importance of adopting certain __________ and physical activity behaviors and lifestyle choices. The aims of such programs are to improve health. The Coronary Health Improvement Project is a health education _________ that teaches people the importance of making better choices in _________, physical activity, and tobacco in order to prevent, arrest, and even reverse coronary heart disease.



The principles of integrative nursing advocate that food be considered as a primary __________ for health promotion, risk reduction, and generally improved well-being. Food provides information to the body, signaling basic ______________ functions and normalizing physiological processes. Health care professionals should query patients about their ___________ intake, recognizing that adjustments in the types of foods consumed can often address long-standing symptoms that create distress, including pain, fatigue, anxiety, and gastrointestinal ___________.



The Brazilian educator and influential theorist Paulo Freire has convinced me that scholarship is a ___________ process. According to Freire, the contributions of one scholar have no meaning if they stand alone–the value of any work becomes __________ only when that work “dialogs” with the work that has gone before. For this reason, we do ________ reviews. For this reason, we include in our __________ an implications section.



One seminal difference in policy remains; the _________ has not matched what is Labor’s most important innovation promise. That is to bring together responsibilities for innovation, industry, science and research under one single federal minister. Innovation responsibilities __________ lie within the powerful Department of Education and Science, and while there is a separate industry department, it has little influence within Cabinet. This has ________ policy development and given Australia’s innovation policies a ________ science and research bias. It is the scientists rather than the engineers who call the tune in innovation policy in Canberra, so it’s no surprise our policies are all about __________ government funded research and later commercializing their results.


Exercise 2.

Exercise 3.

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