PTE Exam Pattern for Australian PR 2022: Minimum PTE score for Australia PR

Australia is a desirable place to reside or work for certain international candidates, and if you’re one of those candidates planning similarly, then taking the PTE exam comes under compulsory application requirements. The Australia PR requires certain strict regulations to be attended like attaining the minimum PTE score for Australia. To achieve the required score, it is necessary for candidates to have the utmost knowledge about the PTE exam pattern for Australian PR.

Acceptable PTE Exam for Australia PR Visa

Before starting with the PTE exam pattern for Australian PR, let us focus on the acceptable form of exam for the Australian visas. Australian PR can be categorized into three parts:

  1. Family-based PR visa: This includes parents, partners, children, or dependent relatives of a permanent Australian resident. It further includes adopted children or the ones in the middle of the adoption process. Caregivers are also a part of this, the ones who are required to move to Australia for attending an approved relative. If applying as a partner, the spouse PTE score for Australia needs to be focused on.
  2. Skill or work-based PR visa: This is solely for candidates who are employed in Australian companies or have Australian employers, or companies following Australian rules and regulations.
  3. Business or investor-stream PR visa

PTE Academic is the only acceptable form of exam for all Australian visas and is accepted by the Australian Government too. There are certain strict rules regarding PTE score for Australia PR 2020 that needs to be abided by.

PTE Exam Pattern for Australian PRAs already mentioned, the exam pattern required to apply for the Australia PR is PTE academic. The PTE exam pattern for Australian PR can be explained as follow:

For candidates to abide by the minimum PTE score for Australia, the above PTE academic syllabus needs to be focused on properly. The PTE exam pattern for Australian PR follows a three-hour duration with an optional break in the middle. Similarly, the minimum PTE score for Australia student visa should also be prepared for well.

Minimum PTE Score for Australia

To obtain an Australian PR, especially for certain skilled-stream visas, the points need to be high. There are certain levels of language proficiencies and the candidate need to follow them according to the visa they are applying for:

  1. Functional English: If applying for this, the candidate need to have followed the PTE score validity for Australia and take the PTE exam within the last 12 months;
  2. Vocational English: If applying for this, the candidate needs to have a valid PTE score taken within 3 years of applying for the visa;
  3. Competent English: For visas 186, 187, 188, 190, 489, 491, and 494 taking the competent English exam is mandatory.
  4. Proficient English: Candidates need to take the proficient English level in the 3 years of applying for the visa;
  5. Superior English: similarly for superior English, the candidate needs to take the PTE exam in 3 years of applying.

The following PTE score for Australia PR 2020 needs to be studied and the points are also compulsory:

For candidates planning for PTE general for Australia PR should work hard to achieve the above-mentioned points, failing which they will not be able to obtain the visa.

How can I Increase my Australia PR Points?

The following are few ways to increase the increase and achieve the minimum PTE score for Australia:

  1. Collect a nomination from a state/territory;
  2. Take an English test;
  3. Focus on the professional years;
  4. Focus on your partner’s skills;
  5. Get hold of Australian work experience;
  6. Transform into an accredited translator;

How many Points are required for Australian PR 2020?

The general points required for Australian PR start from 30 but 65 points are necessary for Skillselect sections like visa 189 and 190.

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