PTE Speaking Practice Test 1

Look at the text below. In 40 seconds you must read this text aloud as naturally and clearly possible.

The aim of our research was to explore how moving home at a young age affected the development of pre-school children. There are many different reasons why families choose to move home, some of which are positive and some less so. Over a period of ten years our research team has investigated whether the conditions surrounding moving home, or indeed the fact of moving itself, contribute to children’s development problems.

Child language brokers are children or young people who translate or interpret on behalf of family members or others who do not speak the local language. When settling into a new country, children often learn the local language more rapidly than their parents and other adults. As a result youngsters start taking on the role of language broker in a number of different contexts such as shops, banks, schools, doctors, dentists, welfare offices, police stations, housing offices among many others.

I am extremely grateful for the advice I got which encouraged me to take my final year project forward after university. I entered a number of business start-up competitions and was awarded the funding I needed to set up my own business. It completely changed my life. Although I had actually had a graduate scheme lined up after graduating, I decided to take the risk and start my own company. Things took off surprisingly quickly and I can honestly say that I have never had any regrets about my decision.

This year the National Environmental Science Competition received excellent undergraduate and postgraduate entries from all across the country, with a wide range of projects. We are delighted that our awards are encouraging exciting and valuable projects that go beyond research and analysis to develop solutions for a number of key problems. Information about the shortlisted projects will be posted on our website in the first week of June.

Our mission is to be a university that has a global significance – to be a leader in higher education providing excellent research and teaching, and contributing to the most important issues and debates of modern times. We are proud that this university is increasingly having an impact on practice and thinking worldwide.

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