Write From Dictation

Latest Aug-sep 2020 Write from Dictation:-

1- Animals raised in captivity behave differently than their wild counterparts.
2- Climate change is a fierce phenomenon concentrated by scientists.
3- Clinical/Clinic placements for nursing prepare students for professional practice.
4- Free campus tours run daily during summer for prospective students.
5- Graduates of journalism can get a job in the communication field.
6-If finance is a cause of concern, scholarships may be available.
7- It is hard to anticipate all the different characters would react/ that were in react.
8-Many graduates are studying journalism to get jobs in the communications field.
9- Most of these/the students have not considered this issue before.
10- Native speakers are exempt from the language tests in their own language.
11- Our professor is hosting the business development conference.
12- Participants initially select from a range of foundation subjects.
13- Scientists are always asking the government for more money.
14- She used to be the editor of the student newspaper.
15- Student/Students’ concession cards need to/can be obtained by completing an/the application form.
16-Supply and demand is one of the most fundamental concepts in economics.
17- Teaching assistants will receive a monthly stipend for housing.
18- The aerial photographs were promptly registered for federal evaluations.
19-The application process may/will be/take longer than expected.
20- The article shows/verifies/illustrates/involves/extrapolates a number of interesting experiments.(Updated)
21- The artists and conservative publications earn their roles/rules of critics.
22- The artists tied with the conservative politicians earned the roles of critics.
23- The business policy/development/plan seminar includes an internship with a local firm.

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  1. Please provide some latest material appeared at sophiya institute

  2. if there is any number mention in the listening or other task. how do i write it in
    words or in numbers?

  3. Hi,
    i think material you r providing, has some of the questions same i got it in my last exam. i want to know more details for full material access. can you please suggest me how i can have access to it.
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