PTE Reading Tips & Tricks 2023: How to Improve PTE Reading Score

To crack the PTE reading section, you must have good reading skills, focus, and an understanding of grammar. You will be using all of these skills to solve the reading questions during the exam. You can learn these skills with time by practising again and again. In this article, we’ll share insight into the PTE Reading section tips and tricks to fetch a 79+ score in the actual exam.

Do not spend more than 3 minutes on each question

Try to solve each question within 3 minutes. Follow the time limit strictly. Firstly, you have to skim through the content quickly. By reading the passage, you will get an idea of the context of the passage. In this way, you’ll choose the right for any particular blank.

Take care of the technicalities

In the reading section, you’ll encounter different types of questions such as fill-in-the-blanks, MCQs, reorder paragraphs and many more. Here, technicality means that you don’t have to rush to the answers. In drag and drop, check you have filled in the correct answer and at the end, you must check once again that no blank is empty. Press the next button only if you’re satisfied with the answers.

Use the knowledge of grammar

At the time you skim through the passage, you must be able to identify which part of the speech is missing. This skimming process will help you figure out which word will come in the blank. You must have a basic knowledge of adjectives, verbs, nouns, and prepositions. Sometimes the answers are related to academic collocations. It is recommended to go through the collocation list before appearing for the exam.

Develop good vocabulary

A good vocabulary can help you solve questions related to highly academic topics. When you give a mock test and even appear in the actual exam, you will come across many unfamiliar words. Good vocabulary plays an imperative role in solving such questions. The solution is to read academic articles on a daily basis. This will help you build a good vocabulary and remember synonyms of difficult words. Some students even maintain a personal dictionary. Write down unfamiliar words with their meanings in a diary. This will help you to increase your word knowledge and vocabulary.

Practice questions

Practice is the key to success in the PTE reading section. This will help you understand your level. Remember to practice questions from a reliable source. At times, questions are repeated in the real exam.

Collocations and expressions

You must learn collocations, commonly used expressions and popular idioms while preparing for the PTE exam. It will assist you a lot while identifying the correct answers from the given options. PTE academic collocation is a must-read list for all students.

In conclusion, PTE reading demands practice and dedication. Make sure you read every day. This will help you to enhance your skimming and scanning skills. Also, building a good vocabulary is also necessary to crack the PTE reading section.

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