Tips & Tricks to Secure a 79+ Score in All Sections of PTE this 2023

We want to secure our desired scores in the first attempt itself. Did you know it is possible to get 79+ in PTE in one week? Also, PTE is much easier as compared to IELTS. In this blog, we will share foolproof strategies to help you fetch a 79+ score in the PTE exam.

Strengthen your basics

Try to get answers to all your questions and queries. Be attentive to the instructions given by your tutor. Did you know some questions in the PTE exam have negative markings? So, tick more than one option if you’re completely sure about the answer. Also, giving too many mock tests will not help you. The important point is to master all the scoring modules like repeating sentences and writing from dictation.

Work hard on your weaknesses

Practice each and every module. Try to figure out in which module you’re weak. Every time you feel depressed look back at your improvements. You will notice that skills are getting better day by day. You have to challenge yourself to perform better. Grammar and spelling mistakes are a big no.

Understand your current score level

There are many online platforms where you can give PTE mock tests for free. This will help you understand your weaker sections and how much you need to study. It is true unless you know your weaknesses, how will you improve? Giving a PTE mock test is the best way to know your current level for sure. Do not depend on the opinions of other people to judge your performance. A mock test is the only foolproof method to understand your current level.

Use the right materials

If you are studying any module like describing images, try to focus on this question only. Do not give the complete speaking tests, again and again, to practice describing images. Once you have mastered all the modules of one section, you must give a section test to check your performance. When you master all the sections, you must attempt a PTE mock test once again. It will help you understand your improvement and check your weaker sections.

Get right guidance

It is seen that self-preparation is not enough to clear the PTE exam. We have observed there are students who have given the exam several times but could not achieve their desired scores. Here you need assistance from the tutor. We all need feedback at some time. Feedback from the expert will help you understand the problem and get to know the solution.

In conclusion, expert feedback is an integral part of your PTE preparation. Practice and practice again till you ace it! That’s it! We can assure you if you follow these suggestions you achieve your target score.

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