How Can I Improve My Essay to Get a 79+ Score in the PTE Exam?

You all may have experienced writing essays in schools and colleges. The same approach is applicable to PTE academic writing. You can check your writing skills by attempting a free PTE mock test online. There are a few things you need to remember about the writing section that will assist you to achieve a high score on the essay task. In this article, we give a few tips on how you can improve your online PTE essay writing scores.

Identify the type of essay

You can check a list of essays that comes in the PTE exam in the PTE tutorials online. You will find that most of the essays are argumentative. You need to generate ideas to satisfy all the arguments. Make sure you have a clear position on one side.  Practice PTE online free as much as you can to understand the format which is required.

Don’t start writing immediately

The key mantra to cracking an essay is to read and understand the question properly. Do not start writing immediately because it will mislead you about the topic. Organize the structure of your essay properly. It will lead you to gain more points in the written discourse criteria. You can improve your essay writing skills by taking online PTE tests and practising as much as you can.

Do not use bullet points

The essay has marks for the structure and form of the content. Using bullet points will make you lose marks. Your article needs to have a well-established structure with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Practice PTE online free whenever you can to understand the structure of the essay.

Don’t try to max the word limit

In the PTE writing tasks, you need to follow a strict word limit. Try to write an essay of at most 230 to 250 words. It must include an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Diversify your language

Repetition of the same word, again and again, will make you lose marks in the vocabulary. Try to use synonyms of the same word in the text. You can boost your vocabulary by watching the news and movies. Make a list of new words and implement them in a free PTE mock test to identify the change.

Practice, practice, practice!

Set an essay template that is suitable for you and memorises it. You can find a number of essays on PTE tutorials online where you can practice and increase your overall writing skill.

In conclusion, PTE is an online test developed to check your foreign language skills. Most people feel they can succeed in tests quite easily and forget to proofread their writing tests. It is the biggest mistake made by students these days. Spelling and grammar play a great role in the PTE writing section. The overall scores will be reduced by silly spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. It is highly recommended to save a few minutes in order to proofread your test at the end.

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