PTE Reorder Paragraph Tips And Tricks

On day of the exam, you will be presented with two panels, with text boxes on the left panel placed in a random order. These text boxes need to be dragged to the right panel in the correct order.

The four tips all our PTE aspirants have found really helpful in attaining a perfect score, repeatedly:

1. Analyze the text in the left panel
It is critical to read the text in all the boxes. Look for the theme of the story or passage.  The theme sentence usually gives away the main idea of the passage, giving more information on subject of the original text.

2. The “Theme” sentence
Of all the sentences presented, one that gives away the main idea of the paragraph, to which it belongs.

Some examples of theme sentence:

•    The brain is our most treasured possession
•    Vegans do not eat meat or consume animal related products
•    Fossils of the very first dinosaur were discovered in the twentieth century only.

Such sentences do not start with a pronoun (‘he’, ‘she’, ‘they’ etc.) or something (‘project’, ‘analysis’ etc.). Any information previously mentioned is not included in these sentences.

3. Relating the sentences to one another
Upon identifying the theme sentence, the following stage is to decide a substantial order of the remaining sentences. This can be done by discovering the connections between the thoughts communicated in various sentences.
This can be done by using grammar to look for articles. One usually uses ‘A’ or ‘an’ when initially introducing a subject.

4. Final Answer
The above written strategies can be applied using the trial and error method to eliminate out the sentences that don’t seem right.
Trying to form a cohesive paragraph, create as many possible formations in your mind.


Guest writer, Ramneek Lamba (EL Mastery)

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Ramneek Lamba (EL Mastery)

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