PTE Summarize written text Tips and Tricks Updated for 2023

PTE summarising a written text is the first task of the writing section. Here, you will get 1 or 2 paragraphs to summarize. Many students find it difficult to summarize a long passage in a single line. However, the right approach is to write a summary in your own words and use the right keywords mentioned in the passage. In this article, we have mentioned a few tips. By following these tips you can gain good scores in the PTE Summarize the written text.

How scoring works

Let’s take a look at how the software gives points to your summary


2 – text with all keywords included

1 – text with most keywords included

0 – text with few keywords included


1 – text is written in a single complete sentence

0 –  text is written in multiple sentences


2 – proper grammatical structure

1 – reasonable grammatical structure

0 – poor grammatical structure


2 – words are used appropriately

1 – words are used inappropriately but the text is still understandable

0 – words are used inappropriately but the text is not understandable


Let’s go through the tips one by one:


Understand the main theme

Read first! You should have an idea of the text before you start writing the summary. You must know what are the main keywords and look for key points to include in your summary.

Take notes when you are reading

Note down whatever you feel is important. Simply, you need to keep a track of important points or keywords.

Pick the main sentences and paste them into your answer window

 Instead of taking notes, you can also paste the important sentences into your answer window. This will help you to keep a track of the main keywords that are required to be added to the summary.

Don’t write an either too long or too short summary

 It is imperative to write 30 to 40 words for the summary. You can extend it to 55 words as well. Remember that you have to write only one sentence. If you will increase the number of words then it can have an impact on the structure of your sentence. The chances are high that you will lose marks in form and grammar.

Connect the sentences properly

 Since you will write only one sentence, you have to use connectors to create a relationship between different parts of the sentence. You can use connectors like moreover, furthermore, and therefore.

Don’t use exact words

 It is highly recommended to write the summary in your own words. You can use the main keywords the same but the sentence structure should be different.

 Review vocabulary and grammar

 Try to save 2 to 3 minutes to review your text. This is a chance to catch any avoidable mistakes. You need to improve the quality of your response. Grammar and spelling checks must be done for all the writing questions.

In conclusion, your summary should only contain key points. There is no need to mention the detail of each point. Also, you don’t have to write too many points. Just mention the most important points only.

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